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This archive includes some of our client work for for publication in print media and on-line - and editorials reflecting the wider Groupe Intellex perspective.   Examples of our commissioned editorial work may be available on request.  Most of our current editorial work is now awavailable at the the Groupe Intellex blog 

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21 Creativity and Scale: the need for Municipal Enterprise David Brunnen 2331
22 'Brain Gain' - community responses to digital disruption David Brunnen 2599
23 Summer reading for students of the real economy David Brunnen 2062
24 The Joy of ish David Brunnen 2507
25 Beyond Compare - The Triumph of Toronto David Brunnen 2337
26 To grow or not to grow? Adam Lusby (Guest Contributor) 1591
27 Brick Walls and Battered Egos - sustainability is no short-term fix David Brunnen 1656
28 The Value of Accolades - ICF Visionary of the Year, Suneet Singh Tuli David Brunnen 2035
29 Municipal Enterprise: renaissance in an Information Society David Brunnen 2695
30 A few words about the Circular Economy David Brunnen 2149
31 Unbalanced economies – not minding the gap David Brunnen (reporting from RSA City Growth Commission) 1896
32 Last word from Stockholm: Vodafone honoured - for fibre David Brunnen reporting from Stockholm 1793
33 UK and Germany playing in a different league David Brunnen 1858
34 Back on firm ground – FTTH Conference opens in Stockholm David Brunnen 1556
35 Beyond Nose Dot David Brunnen 2401
36 Booms and Boomerangs: reviewing 'A New Dynamic' David Brunnen 2752
37 The Battle for Municipal Enterprise David Brunnen 1575
38 City Growth Commission – the search for local prosperity David Brunnen 1567
39 Whatever Next: without vision the platforms perish David Brunnen 1729
40 Unintended Consequences and the Toxicology of U-turning David Brunnen 2428
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