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IEEE pops the 802.20 cork PDF Print E-mail
Written by david brunnen   
Friday, 13 June 2008 11:32

Image The trumpets sounded yesterday (and champagne fizzed around the world) with the welcome news that the long-awaited IEEE802.20 Standard for mobile broadband gained its seal of approval. 

As a post-script to our earlier worries about deeply conflicted voting procedures, this defining moment was not just about the future of one strand of the 802 family but a long overdue reassertion of common sense and orderly conduct in matters of international Standards development.

It was also just reward for those who have laboured long over the innovations and technical details required for the making of a robust standard that will enable new competitive technology choices - and a sobering defeat for those 'Promoters of the Old' and 'Delayers of the New' who so often in this industry gang up to stifle innovation with little heed for the interests of consumers or even the commercial economics of the global service providers who are so often forced into deploying sub-optimal systems.

It's also good news for those who want to keep alive the vision that wide area broadband mobility should not demand the wasteful use of vast tracts of that finite resource - radio spectrum.  OK, it may be commercially embarrassing that the new fourth or fifth generations of mobile broadband will not require all that expensively acquired and woe-fully under-utilised 3G spectrum, but that is merely the inconvenient price of technological progress and a message to the management about the folly of excessive hype.

So we extend our congratulations to all the the teams and academics and industry partners who, over 5 years and despite many set-backs, have developed the 802.20 Standard, and to the IEEE 802 Management who have steered a route through troubled waters to arrive at a stronger and more mature understanding of Standards governance.

Let none of us forget how much it cost.


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