What, on Earth Day? Print
Written by David Brunnen   
Sunday, 22 April 2012 09:18

earth day 2012Today around the globe the celebrations of Earth Day have engaged far more than the usual crop of green enthusiasts.

This year it’s the pre-cursor to RIO+20, the UN Sustainability Summit in June that will bring together more than 120 Presidents and Prime Ministers and a Davolanche of corporate leaders and lobbyists.

The UN’s Environment Programme has produced a timely reminder – ‘Keeping track of our changing environment (from Rio to Rio+20 1992-2102)’ – that captures what has and, more importantly what hasn’t, happened since those promises and commitments were made.

In so many ways our world has moved on – most obviously in its digital connectedness.  In so many other ways the squandering of natural resources and the protection of silos of vested interests has not.

The celebrations today will be many and various – and mostly driven by the more imaginative end of the green activist spectrum. It’s not just about tree hugging but the record for the largest diaper changing party must take some beating.

On the other hand the television audience (100 million or more world wide) will watch the F1 Grand Prix in Bahrain – a near perfect an example of a silo mentality and disconnectedness.  The British Foreign Office advises citizens not to attend on account of civil unrest and yet the Formula 1 organizers say that the race has nothing to do with politics.

And not much to do with Earth Day.


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