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The Value of Accolades - ICF Visionary of the Year, Suneet Singh Tuli PDF Print E-mail
Written by David Brunnen   
Sunday, 11 May 2014 11:02

My guess is that readers will not be overly familiar with the work of Suneet Singh Tuli – the CEO of a company called DataWind. 

Nor will readers have much familiarity with his Aakash II & UbiSlate tablets.  In a world perceived to be dominated by Apple and Samsung, this is hardly surprising – though diligent readers of Forbes magazine may perhaps recall that he featured as a ‘classroom revolutionary’ in their ‘2012 Impact 15’.

Suneet Singh TuliSuneet is getting used to being appreciated – not least by growing numbers of the ‘other four billion’ who inadvertently have found themselves on the wrong side of the digital divide.   His latest accolade – the Intelligent Community Visionary of the Year – celebrates the massive impact of his <$40 tablet on education and community cohesion for billions of people.  “Suneet”, says Intelligent Community Forum co-founder Lou Zacharilla, “is one of those people who understands perfectly what low-cost access means to the future of communities.”  

DataWind’s Aakash/UbiSlate tablets – a line of affordable mobile Internet devices – have been truly revolutionary products. The Aakash II, launched in 2012 at the United Nations by UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, has begun to empower people in ways never before imagined.

Last week we were entertained by the media waking up to the ‘news’ of Alibaba (the Chinese equivalent of Amazon) closely followed by ‘did you know?’ stories about Yandex (the Russian search engine), Naspers (cap £18bn), Jiauyan (the world’s biggest on-line dating agency), Akamai (serving 30% of world-wide web traffic) and Rakuten - the sixth largest website in the world by revenue, making about £3 billion a year and offering 95 million products from 40,000 vendors.  The media love big numbers but the market for these stories is framed by the boundaries of our everyday awareness.

That is why accolades such as those conferred on Suneet Singh Tuli are important.  In a world where media and politicians idolize success in purely monetary terms we all need to see these things in context.  I don’t care about creating the iPad killer” says Suneet. “I care about the four billion people who can afford this device.”


The Intelligent Community Forum's 2014 Annual Summit will be held in New York, 3rd - 5th June - reviewing the work of the ICF 'Top 7' Intelligent Communities.

Se also video of Suneet's acceptance speech at the ICF Annual Summit with introduction by Louis Zacharilla









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