World of Health IT - Barcelona Print
Written by Groupe Intellex Global   
Thursday, 11 March 2010 19:30

David BrunnenFrom March 12th to 17th Groupe Intellex managing editor, David Brunnen, will be reporting from Barcelona during the EU's eHealth Ministerial Convocation and the World of Health IT Conference (WoHIT). 

He will also be taking part in the PREVE project advisory group discussions on disease prevention methodologies.

During his visit he will be reporting on developments in Remote Monitoring Technologies, Personal Health Systems and advanced community care services.

He is particularly interested in meeting with innovative companies, especially those with insight into the development of 'connected health' markets in European countries where Open Access FTTH networks have been available for several years and where new types of local health and care services have been developed. 

During the events in Barcelona he can be contacted via +44 7714 325 657 - or leave a message at the Media Centre reception desk.