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  • Broadband   ( 24 Articles )

    Our projects include support for innovative mobile broadband technologies, fresh approaches to the challenges of deploying fibre connectivity and advice on infrastructure investment for property developers, local governments and regional development agencies.

    Our push for advanced infrastructure investment is driven by the need to enable economic and societal development projects such as 'Connected Health' and new urban environments for 21st-century living.  

  • Environmental   ( 11 Articles )

    The challenges of climate change demand innovative responses.   Our flagship projects in this arena are a fresh approach to carbon sequestration - harnessing the power of nature to precipitate carbonates by microbial processes - and a dialogue process to identify innovation within and around the agricultural sector.

    Also in this section we feature the introduction to a series of editorials reviewing the development of Marine Energy Technologies - 'Looking for the Next Wave' - and will shortly be reviewing the plans for a major energy project - 'Spirit of Ireland'.

  • Media   ( 4 Articles )

    The Groupe Intellex portfolio includes a new animation project for science awareness, a major on-line project for the digital music industry and the development of an international Creative Campus within Belfast's Titanic Quarter.


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