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Written by Personal Broadband   
Monday, 04 February 2008 01:00

PBUK logo'Flexible working' is a term often used in business to mean 'working from home' but it also embraces a much larger category of workstyles.  These require that the traditional data connectivity and systems access of dedicated office locations are made available in a wide range of unpredictable locations.   Not being able to have access to, say, patient records until the ambulance reaches the hospital, or not knowing where the cables are until you dig up the road, are obvious examples.

Whilst commercial enterprises have made some progress with these mobility challenges (within the limitations of mobile phone services) the scope for similar innovation across the Public Sector has been identified as one of the keys to 'transformation' - the UK's focus on raising the quality and efficiency of public services.

Our project, Mobile Broadband Northern Ireland, 'better connected public services', is set to tackle these opportunites by providing a large-scale pilot programme based in Belfast.   Led by NI's Department of Finance and Personnel but with engagement across all aspects of regional and local government, including health and education services, the programme will enable managers to identify how new highly secure data-centric mobile technologies can deliver real benefits - not simply in cost or time savings but in the quality and effectiveness of services to citizens and the wider community.

The technology platform for this project will be based on the ANSI HC-SDMA and the new IEEE802.20 standards using the world's most spectrally efficient mobile broadband system developed in Japan and now commercially deployed in thirteen countries.  This 'iBurst' system provides standard IP broadband connectivity similar to ADSL but is available indoors and out and on the move.  The service uses the all-ireland spectrum range 1785-1805MHz that was licenced to Personal Broadband in 2007.


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