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Written by David Brunnen   
Sunday, 10 August 2008 05:58

Globally Connected HealthThe central role of  the European Connected Health Campus is very simply understood. 

Imagine for a moment that you are running a business.

Imagine all the things your business is expected to do, all the things that your customers want you to deliver and all the things you would like to be able to deliver if only you had the time and the money and the skilled people. 

Now, on top of that, imagine that at any one time your business has over 100 experiments, pilots and trials all happening at once and all focused on changing the way we do things around here. 

Now understand that every one of these pilots and trials has been dreamt up and is being managed almost entirely independently of the others. 

Now also understand that the enthusiasm of their proponents (and their even keener suppliers) has never paused for a nanosecond to consider knock-on impacts and the priorities for your central resources. 

Now imagine that your business has only recently been formed by merger of several smaller businesses each with their own local ways of doing things, with slightly different systems and processes managed by different people with different viewpoints – and nearly all of them failing to make the progress they expected. 

Now step outside that business.  Imagine that the business is the one that you expect to provide you with brilliant care as a customer  - because you have just become ill. 

Forget for a moment the wonders of telemedicine and the technological triumphs of umpteen different and incompatible monitors, sensors, data flows and clever charting systems.   

Unless these undoubtedly clever gizmo’s get joined up and integrated with all manner of other stuff (and people, and systems and processes and budgets) and some sensible priorities, we will simply continue the chaos of fragmented innovation and disconnected healthcare services where any successful outcome is, by any standards, a minor miracle. 

This illustrative fictional field report could, if we are honest, be echoed across the UK and Europe and, with a few brilliant exceptions, around the world. 

Meanwhile the healthcare industry’s product development is in overdrive.  It is also running ragged and needs to become more focussed, more clearly directed, more productive and much more collaborative. 

The fast-moving but fragmented healthcare industry and our fragmenting and frustrated healthcare practitioners and service managers need to become better connected. 

Connected Health is, at its root, a ‘get well’ plan for services and the wider economy.  It’s a ‘get well’ plan to connect the industry, the healthcare professionals and service managers and all of us as individuals having individual needs. 

If we can make the connections happen anywhere in Europe, we can make them happen here in Belfast. 

If we can make this happen here in Belfast, we can make it happen anywhere in Europe. 

We are here for Connected Health - not disconnected sickness.




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