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Written by Groupe Intellex   
Monday, 09 February 2009 08:25

European Connected Health CampusIt may seem odd that the place we chose to announce an agreement between two organisations from Northern Ireland was 3,000 miles away in Boston MA. 

US Healthcare leaders may even have pondered over the unlikely pairing of Connected Health with a shipyard regeneration project. 

But, for Groupe Intellex, innovation is always about making new connections – novel combinations of ideas and expertise that will subsequently be recognised as ‘changing the way we do things around here’.   

The measure of our innovative success is the level of surprise.  Disruptive apple-cart-upsetting changes to the way the game is played do not come much more disruptive than this. For this particular project, the creation of the European Connected Health Campus, the surprise in part derives from our speed of action.   

The bare bones of this idea had been lying around waiting for something to be done.  Taking control and making it happen at breakneck speed has left the 'Nay-Sayers' and the ‘Maybe-Sayers’ and the ‘Not-Just-Yet-Sayers’ and the ‘We Would Like To Help You But-Sayers’ bumbling behind in their bureaucratic bogs. 

The official launch of the European Connected Health Campus, the moments for Ministerial seals of approval and  general blessings will not take place until late in March but today, 3,000 miles away, we stand before our prospective American members and partners in the splendid surroundings of the British Consulate-General Boston to say that the Campus is not just for real but also has a connection with real estate. 

Michael Graham, Director Corporate Real Estate at Titanic Quarter, will announce, in association with Belfast Harbour Commission, the commencement of a long term enabling relationship with the Campus. It is, of course, a blindingly obvious match.  Connected Health needs to be well connected – and there will be no better connectivity in the UK than the new fibre-to-the-home Open Access network being installed at Titanic Quarter.  Where better to create a base for European and Global companies to work together on healthcare product and systems innovation.

Positioning Belfast at the centre of Europe may surprise or possibly even upset the established ‘I-Think-Not-Sayers’ but cracking on with actually deploying Connected Health for thousands of people and having Europe’s only secure 4th generation mobile IP broadband service dedicated to the public sector does give the place a wee advantage. 

But being in Boston ?   It’s a tribute to the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office that through the darkest and most desperate days of making these things happen our largest and loudest supporters have been over there in Boston where the emergence of Connected Health as the best bright hope for healthcare’s global ‘get-well plan’ is better understood. So, where better to address those keen to invest in a healthier European market than at this overseas outpost of the UK on behalf of the north western healthcare corner of Europe. 

It is an enduring rule that applies without exception to all breakthough ideas that without clear vision and leadership the project will perish.  For this particular project that vision and leadership comes from Brian O'Connor and his perception of the pragmatic linkages between Health and Wealth.

Innovation is all about making these new connections.  For Groupe Intellex the thing that most delights us about the success of this enterprise is the way it interconnects with several of our projects in Northern Ireland – all driven by the urgent necessity of economic transformation at home and, fortunately, all well understood by the global Irish Diaspora. 


The European Connected Health Campus is a Community Interest Company delivering leadership for the development of Connected Health markets and practice across Europe.

For more information see the temporary pre-launch website at 



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