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Written by david brunnen   
Wednesday, 24 October 2007 15:45
Dr David Wright FGSDr David T Wright FGS is Honorary Visiting Research Fellow at Leicester University. Dave is active in both microbiogeochemical and sedimentological research, specializing in the study of non-skeletal carbonate precipitation and the application of this research to large-scale, land-based carbon sequestration. Dave is also an independent consultant geologist to the hydrocarbon industry, specialising in heavy mineral studies.

Research Interests

  • The role of benthic microbial communities in widespread dolomite formation: a radical and innovative approach to a long-standing geological problem, which has now yielded positive results and generated much interest. Dolomite, an important rock-forming mineral of ancient times, is much rarer today and has never been precipitated in physico-chemical laboratory experiments at normal temperature and pressure. However, we have successfully precipitated dolomite using sulphate reducing bacteria in culture experiments simulating microbiogeochemical conditions during late stages of evaporation in ephemeral, hypersaline, dolomitic lakes of the Coorong region, South Australia. I am currently investigating whether microbial dolomite formation provides a process-analogue applicable to thick platformal dolostones of the past, where benthic microbial communities were the sole or dominant colonisers of the shallow marine environment.
  • The role of endoevaporitic microbial communities in carbonate replacement of evaporites, and implications for the identification and significance of ‘vanished evaporites’. In collaboration with Dr Anna Gandin (University of Siena), Dr Victor Melezhik (University of Trondheim) and Professor Aharon Oren (Hebrew University, Israel).
  • Carbon sequestration through microbiogeochemical engineering and the use of artificial saline lakes and lagoons, applying the results of experiments involving microbial precipitation of dolomite.
  • Sediment provenance and correlation of turbiditic and fluvio-deltaic sequences in the South Mayo Trough, Ireland, with particular emphasis on the timing of Dalradian orogenic unroofing and terrane assembly, with Professor John Dewey and Dr. Maria Mange (both of Davis University, California).

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