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Written by Groupe Intellex Global   
Sunday, 05 September 2010 08:02

Groupe Intellex logoThe switch-over from copper to optical infrastructure for local access networks is much more than a technological topic for communications experts.

Communities across continental Europe have discovered that fibre connections enable much more than just super-fast Internet. Their fibre networks are designed to enable new local services, provide far greater customer choice, encourage community cohesion and trigger local economic growth and employment.

But, above all, these local access networks are designed and managed to match the needs and nature of their local communities in terms of size, location and differences in population and employment patterns.

The needs and priorities of remote rural locations with an aging population may be very different from a family-focussed urban area – and these differences are often reflected in the provision of Public Sector services. Your community – the people, employers and public services – will have its own priorities.

To understand how an all-optical digital switch-over can benefit your community it helps to look at real examples that are reasonably well-matched to your own environment. But, for any study to be both relevant and have practical outcomes, the people engaged in the study need also to be drawn from across all aspects of your local community – for example, from commerce, health, education, family services, media, etc.

Community Study Tours are individually designed in discussion with local people. We start by understanding the make-up of your community and then match that to examples on the continent where the impact of a fibre switch-over can be explained by ordinary people living, working and serving that community.

In a country such as the UK, where there are no long-established examples of local access fibre networks, this means a short trip overseas (typically to Sweden or The Netherlands) but some communities may prefer to consider a research trip further afield – to Asia or the USA.

We do not, however, undertake Community Study Tours without first establishing a clear local plan for sharing the insights gained across your community together with a process for taking any worthwhile ideas forward.

All this activity – essential homework – is in advance and entirely independent of any particular solution or project that may emerge in your locality. Even if there is no case for independent local investment, the insights gained will help the community better understand their choices and opportunities when considering the plans of digital access providers.

Community Study Tours are not necessarily costly. Participants may give their time for free, sponsorship from industry is often available and host communities are often generous in enabling others to share in their success.

For more details please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or call 0207 55 88 707 to arrange an initial discussion.


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